The purpose of this website is to help victims of slip and fall injuries that are entitled to compensation understand the need for a Tulsa personal injury attorney.

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Shopping in a Tulsa store, you step on a wet spot and BOOM, you are on your butt and feeling embarrassed. When you get to your feet you decide that the injury isn't serious and probably just needs an ice pack. You don't want to cause a scene in the store so you leave. Wrong move! Slip and fall injuries can be much more serious than you initially thought. Even minor injuries can cause chronic pain, problems with mobility and even paralysis.

Many victims of slip and fall accidents experience serious or permanent injuries. If you believe your slip and fall accident was caused as a result of dangerous conditions or proper care was not taken in the establishment in which you fell, you may be entitled to compensation. Tulsa slip and fall attorneys have years of experience litigating these cases against major insurers.

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Examples of Slip and Fall - Premises Liability Law Explained

In Tulsa, the law that applies when someone is injured by another person's property or a public property is called premises liability. In brief, premises liability means that the owner or company MUST maintain their premises in a safe manner. If you trip over a bucket in the middle of the floor, where no bucket should be, this is an example of possible violation of the premises liability laws.

Some examples of slip & fall causes:


There are, in general, four different types of falling accidents. These accidents are personal injury accidents and may be the basis of a lawsuit. Here is an explanation of the types of falls:

  • SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENTS - caused when there is no obstacle in the way, when the person may meet a slippery spot on the floor
  • TRIP AND FALL ACCIDENTS - caused when there is an unusual object in the path, such as a roller skate on a sidewalk
  • STEP AND FALL ACCIDENTS - caused when there is deterioration of the walking surface such as a hole or collapse
  • STUMP AND FALL ACCIDENTS - caused when there is an obstruction in the path such as a sidewalk that has become uneven

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of negligence, make sure that you first get medical help, then find out what caused you to fall and contact one of the accomplished Tulsa personal injury attorneys for help.